About us

"We would like say thank you to each and everyone of you for showering us with love throughout our artisan keycap journey. Your support and encouragement really motivates us to do our best!" — Angel & ZJ


We are based in Singapore and we love making cute and yummy keycaps for everyone! Our artisan keycap journey started in 2020 with the use of polymer clay over a blank PBT keycap. As such, this formed the formula of our brand name: Clay + Keycap=Klaykaps. As of Jan 2021, we have officially moved over to working with resin medium for our keycaps.


We're a team of two hoomans — Angel (a.k.a heimaste on Discord) and ZJ (a.k.a melon on Discord). ZJ first discovered the mechanical keyboard hobby in 2014. Despite ZJ's effort to convince Angel to join the hobby with him at that time, she only joined the hobby in 2019 after she found and fell in love with the world of artisan keycaps (*゚ー゚)ゞ.


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